Evaluations are often disappointing.

At least, they used to be.

Welcome is (and/or will be) your one-stop shop for getting the content you need to crank out some amazing evaluation content.


Because although there are more than a handful of sites out there providing similar content, focuses more on true-to-life content.

By that, I mean content that is both submitted and curated by you, the user; and not just generic throw-away content that's one-and-done nonsense.

Times change. Commands are different. And taking that into account, offers Sailors world-wide the ability to submit evaluation bullets that can help others make substantially better-informed evaluation writeups.

What about that new evaluation system?

As of the typing of this specific paragraph, I've got five years until I retire.


If that new system hits the streets before then, I'd be incredibly impressed.

That isn't to say that I don't think that it'll come eventually; I just don't think that it'll be any time soon enough to warrant not building something like this.

Besides, even if the new evaluation system were to hit the streets next week, I'd still consider this site to be a success.